Get a robot to edit your videos

There are probably hundreds of photos and videos that you have kept on memory cards or hard disks in hope of doing something, someday.

What will it be? You may not know yet, but here are a few applications and online services that will help you gather your images into a slideshow or a video you’ll be able to share. Just like having a personal video editing robot at home!

Before we continue, please note that you don’t absolutely need to buy a given software to try video editing. If you’re interested, Windows and Apple offer editing software as part of most of their operating systems. You can also use a web browser, upload your images to YouTube and create a simple video before publishing it.

If you develop a passion for video editing, there are plenty of solutions available, like Adobe Premiere Elements or Pro, or Final Cut Pro X, that will get you in the editing big leagues. And several intermediate solutions.

Ready-to-share solutions

To quickly assemble all the photos and videos of a particular event or from your most recent trip, you can try technologies like Magisto, available online, on Android and iOS, or Vidify for iOS.

Simply upload all the files you want and you will get a notification when your video is ready to be shared. If you use to the free plan, you will usually be limited to a certain amount of files, or a given duration for your video, and usually a web-quality output.

For event photographers who would like to explore the possibility of selling video slideshows to their clients, Animoto offers a simple interface to build your presentation, including various good quality preset themes and royalty-free music.

However, you will have to spend some money to get access to more choices and export your final videos in high definition. Your sales to customers, however, may soon allow you to cover these expenses, considering all the time you’ll save if you were to edit these videos by yourself.

The ultimate big easy: Google Auto Awesome Movies

If you have a recent Android phone or tablet (4.3 minimum), you can try the Auto Awesome feature of Google’s Photos App. You upload your images (photos or videos) into the system, you select them and ask the little robot to edit the video.

This function is also available for iOS devices, but you won’t be able to choose which images you want in a video. In this case, it's up to the robot.

After about twenty minutes of processing, you get a complete video, including graphic effects and music, which you can remove or change if you don’t like them. Also note that your long video sequences will also be cut into smaller more “relevant” clips.

You can then decide if you want to shorten or lengthen your video and even tweak every cut the robot chose to make.

Voilà! All these images sleeping on various memory cards or hard disks can now be shared to your family or your customers, without spending a couple of sleepless nights alone in front of your computer.

An easy and simple way to enter the world of video editing. You may want to make things more complex one day but for some people, the robot will do just fine. Have fun!